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The Legal Requirement for DGSA

A DGSA must be able to demonstrate that they have successfully completed appropriate training, resulting in the award of a Vocational Training Certificate.

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DGSA Consultancy Services

To comply with the European Agreement concerning the International Carriage of Dangerous Goods by Road (ADR), companies engaged in the loading, unloading or carriage of dangerous goods by road, rail or inland waterways may have to appoint a Dangerous Goods Safety Adviser (DGSA).

The cases in which this requirement applies are set out in Chapter 1.8 of ADR, which also explains the role of the DGSA. In the UK, the ADR requirements for appointing a DGSA are enforced under the Health and Safety at Work Act 1974.

DGSAs must be able to demonstrate that they have successfully completed appropriate training, resulting in the award of a Vocational Training Certificate, and have these broad roles:

  1. Monitoring compliance with the law.
  2. Advising the employer with regards Dangerous Goods.
  3. Preparing an annual report of the employers' activities.
  4. Monitoring of a range of procedures and safety measures.
  5. Investigating and compiling reports on any accidents or emergencies.
  6. Advising on the potential security aspects of transport.

What is not immediately clear from the opening statement is that these regulations can apply to any person who allows dangerous goods to be carried by road, not just the transport operator. This could include anyone who consigns cargo, freight forwarders, warehousemen and manufacturers producing goods that will be collected from their factory.

Find information on DGSAs on the Health & Safety Executive (HSE) website.

Work With Hazmat Logistics To Achieve Compliance

We make ourselves available to you twenty four hours a day, seven days a week for as little or as often as you need us. We welcome customers from throughout the UK, whatever your core business happens to be. We also welcome the opportunity to provide temporary cover should your existing DGSA be ill, take maternity leave or even just a holiday.

Our standard services include:

  1. Free and unlimited telephone advice.
  2. Free and unlimited email support.
  3. Written updates on relevant legislative changes.
  4. Preparation of annual reports.
  5. Site visits, Audits and certification.
  6. Assessments of on-going training needs.
  7. Dangerous Goods security planning as required.
  8. Multi-modal carriage advice - road, rail, sea and air.
  9. Discounted training course fees.

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Hazmat Logistics Ltd can act as your DGSA, for the transport of Dangerous Goods by road and by rail.

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