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UN Packaging of Dangerous Goods

The United Nations (UN) have established a universal system for the classification, packaging, marking and labelling of dangerous goods to facilitate their safe transport. National and international regulations governing road, rail, sea and air transport are all based on the UN system.

Under the regulations, packaging must meet or exceed minimum standards of performance before it can be authorised for the carriage of dangerous goods. Package performance is established by subjecting specimens of the packaging to the tests described in Chapter 6.1 of the UN Model Regulations. If they pass the tests, packagings subsequently manufactured to the same specification, (known as a design-type) may be regarded as meeting the requirements and marked accordingly.

The competent authority of an approving country, usually the country in which the tests have been performed, can allocate a unique UN approval mark to each successfully tested packaging design-type and this may be applied to every serially produced packaging that conforms to the design-type specification.

In the UK, the competent authority is the Secretary of State for Transport. The VCA Dangerous Goods Office (DGO) operates the UN package certification scheme in accordance with the Arrangements for Performance Testing, Certification and Marking of Packagings for Dangerous Goods, on behalf of the Secretary of State.

The Re-Packaging of Dangerous Goods

Hazmat Logistics also offers a Dangerous Goods re-packaging service to Customers.

Our mission is to provide our customers with a safe, efficient and compliant logistics service for Hazardous Materials. Our technical expertise, products and services should reflect a quality and value that cannot be challenged by our competition.

We, therefore, offer a value-added service to our Dangerous Goods logistics service - we pack, re-pack, label, re-label, palletise and re-palletise your dangerous goods. All the required documentation for each consignment can be produced on site or from our own secure facility.

Hazmat Logistics provides a freight packaging service that complies with all UN packaging requirements.

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