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Class 7 (Radioactive Material) Dangerous Goods Transportation

No other UK logistics company offers such a comprehensive service for the local and international shipping of dangerous goods.

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Class 7 - Radioactive Material

Dangerous Goods which are classed as Radioactive Material are defined by the dangerous goods regulations as any material containing radionuclides where both the activity concentration and the total activity exceeds certain pre-defined values. A radionuclide is an atom with an unstable nucleus and which consequently is subject to radioactive decay.


There are no subdivisions within Class 7, Radioactive Material.

Reason for Regulation

Whilst undergoing radioactive decay radionuclides emit ionizing radiation, which presents potentially severe risks to human health.

Commonly Transported Radioactive Material

  1. Radioactive ores
  2. Medical isotopes
  3. Yellowcake
  4. Density gauges
  5. Mixed fission products
  6. Surface contaminated objects
  7. Caesium radionuclides / isotopes
  8. Iridium radionuclides / isotopes
  9. Americium radionuclides / isotopes
  10. Plutonium radionuclides / isotopes
  11. Radium radionuclides / isotopes
  12. Thorium radionuclides / isotopes
  13. Uranium radionuclides / isotopes
  14. Depleted uranium / depleted uranium products
  15. Uranium hexafluoride
  16. Enriched Uranium

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Hidden Dangerous Goods Help

It's not always clear whether the goods you wish to ship contain hazardous materials and would be classified as Dangerous Goods. If you need help identifying whether your shipment of goods is dangerous, please check our helpful lookup table in the first instance - if you still need help or advice please get in touch.

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