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Class 6 (Toxic Substances) Dangerous Goods Transportation

No other UK logistics company offers such a comprehensive service for the local and international shipping of dangerous goods.

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Class 6 Dangerous Goods - Toxic Substances; Infectious Substances

Toxic substances are those which are liable either to cause death or serious injury or to harm human health if swallowed, inhaled or by skin contact. Infectious substances are those which are known or can be reasonably expected to contain pathogens. Dangerous goods regulations define pathogens as microorganisms, such as bacteria, viruses, rickettsiae, parasites and fungi, or other agents which can cause disease in humans or animals.


6.1: Toxic substances

6.2: Infectious substances

Reason for Regulation

Toxic and infectious substances can pose significant risks to human and animal health upon contact.

Commonly Transported Toxic Substances; Infectious Substances

  1. Medical/Biomedical waste
  2. Clinical waste
  3. Biological cultures / samples / specimens
  4. Medical cultures / samples / specimens
  5. Tear gas substances
  6. Motor fuel anti-knock mixture
  7. Dyes
  8. Carbamate pesticides
  9. Alkaloids
  10. Allyls
  11. Acids
  12. Arsenates
  13. Arsenites
  14. Cyanides
  15. Thiols/mercaptans
  16. Cresols
  17. Barium compounds
  18. Arsenics / arsenic compounds
  19. Beryllium/ beryllium compounds
  20. Lead compounds
  21. Mercury compounds
  22. Nicotine / nicotine compounds
  23. Selenium compounds
  24. Antimony
  25. Ammonium metavanadate
  26. Adiponitrile
  27. Chloroform
  28. Dichloromethane
  29. Hexachlorophene
  30. Phenol
  31. Resorcinol

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Hidden Dangerous Goods Help

It's not always clear whether the goods you wish to ship contain hazardous materials and would be classified as Dangerous Goods. If you need help identifying whether your shipment of goods is dangerous, please check our helpful lookup table in the first instance - if you still need help or advice please get in touch.

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