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Dangerous Goods Awareness Training

Our Dangerous Goods Awareness courses are always tailored to meet Customers' exact requirements.

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Dangerous Goods Awareness Training

It is a legal requirement that any persons whose duties concern the carriage of Dangerous Goods by Road, Sea, Rail or Air shall have received training in the requirements governing the carriage of such goods appropriate to their duties.

This is a very broad requirement that encompasses such personnel employed by the road vehicle operator or the consignor such as packers, forklift truck drivers, warehousemen who load or unload Dangerous Goods, staff in freight forwarding or shipping agency offices, and drivers of non-ADR vehicles.

Our Dangerous Goods Awareness courses are always tailored to meet the customers exact requirements, usually covering the basic theory of hazard classes, packaging, documentation, PPE and transport requirements. All courses also now include the mandatory introduction to Dangerous Goods security issues. If required we can also incorporate the requirements for using UK toll tunnels (Dartford, Tyne and Mersey) or the Eurotunnel freight services.

At the end of the course, certificates of attendance are issued for inclusion in your staff training files. Many national carriers will require sight of such certificates as proof of training before transporting Dangerous Goods for a third party.

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Awareness courses are available nationwide, usually conducted on your own site and usually last for between a half and one day.

Transporting Class 1 Dangerous Goods - explosive Transporting Class 2 Dangerous Goods - flammable gas Transporting Class 3 Dangerous Goods - flammable liquid Transporting Class 4 Dangerous Goods - flammable solid Transporting Class 5 Dangerous Goods - oxidizing agent Transporting Class 6 Dangerous Goods - toxic Transporting Class 7 Dangerous Goods - radioactive Transporting Class 8 Dangerous Goods - corrosive Transporting Class 9 Dangerous Goods - miscellaneous
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